Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021

Aviation Fair between pylons

This year's 29th year of Aviation Fair of Ing. Jan Kaspar attracted more than 35,000 spectators to the Pardubice airport. They enjoyed more than a five-hour flight program on the sunny sky for both days, distinguished from the previous years by the Czech premiere of the Red Bull Air Race Demo, flown between inflated pylons by top Czech pilots Martin Sonka and Petr Kopfstein. Although it was not a real race, the audience was carried away by a unique atmosphere, and with both top pilots they literally lived through every pylon, they also received great applause and the interest in autographs of both pilots was immense.
Obviously, the vast majority of the flight program was in the spirit of the Aviation Fair tradition, and in the program composition, the audience in the Pardubice sky presented aircraft from various periods. Swarm of UL replicas of airplanes from the period of the First World War accompanied the duel of ground troops on the area of the open-air theater, representing first-war fights somewhere on Italian front. The second scene of the program was a demonstration of fighting in the suburbs of Paris in 1944, efficiently complemented from the air by P-51D Mustang. It has also performed with the Flying Bulls Aerobatics Team. The group is one of the permanent stars of Aviation Fair and this year it has participated for the 25th time. On the occasion of this round anniversary, they have included the world premiere of a new challenging feature called Double Mirror Loop, which is a double mirror in which the group will make a loop. Not only this novelty, but also the rest of the group's schedule received a huge applause.
The list of participating aircraft was long and, of course, such legends as the Spitfire or Mitchell bomber could not be missing. The spectators were awed by aerobatics on the Bo 105 helicopter, similar to the demonstration of the Czech Air Force Gripen fighter.

Traditionally, the Aviation Fair also includes a varied ground program in which the gems of automobile oldtimers, military equipment, firefighters, police forces, and the historic equipment and armament of military history clubs were presented this year. All expositions were besieged by inquisitive visitors. There was also a varied program for children, and the brass music concerts associated with majorettes and period fashion shows also provided a good mood for both days. Once again, the Aviation Fair delivered fun for the whole family, where everyone can choose according to their own interest.
The organizational staff of the Aviation Fair would like to thank all our partners and people who have contributed more or less to the success of this year's event. We also thank journalists for their exemplary media collaboration and media support. We are looking forward to meeting you at the jubilee thirtieth year of the Aviation Fair in 2020.

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