Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021

Woman on the wing over Pardubice again

This year's Aviation Fair will be crowned by a woman walking in flight on the wing of a historic biplane in Pardubice skies again. The Aviation Fair Organizers have added this unique performance admired at airshows all over the world to this year's, more than five-hour flight program.

"In the 1920s, wingwalking was a very popular performance on airshows. Especially in the United States, spectators watched this adrenaline stunt at every airshow. In the following years however, these risky performances were made impossible due to tightening of safety regulations and let's admit that even the numbers of stuntmen willing to perform such performances have diminished." says Jan Rudzinskyj from the organizing committee of the Aviation Fair about history of the unique performance and goes on to the present day. "Nowadays, only a few pilots are performing such show, with fearless women walking on the wings. Even if it's very safe, it's still an extraordinary performance. When someone asks me how difficult it is, I give an example which is known to everyone who tries to push his hand out of the window of a car driving at ninety kph. The woman on the wing is subjected to double the speed, while she is moving, which is admirable. At this year's Aviation Fair, held at Pardubice Airport on June 2ndand 3rd, a young couple Emilian and Danielle Del Buono from Swiss 46 Aviation Association will perform their art. Emilian is flying the historic biplane Boeing Stearman and charming Danielle is walking on its wings. So we really do have something to look forward to, "concludes Jan Rudzinskyj. Pardubice Airport will be open for visitors on 2ndand 3rdof June from 8 am and there will be a rich land program with a large number of different activities for children.

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