Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021

The Eastern Front scene

As we have already informed, the main ground scene with a large-scale theatrical concept of the Aviation Fair will become a showcase with the theme of the fighting on the Eastern Front of the second world war. On the 3rd and 4th of June, several dozen fans of military history in the period uniforms, with the appropriate equipment and supported by the air cover will present themselves to the audience at the airport in Pardubice.
"Yak-11 will be introduced in the airborne section, coming for the first time to Pardubice from Italy. Although it is a post-war training variant of the Yakovlev piston plane, its design descends directly from the Yakovlev fighter types, who have significantly influenced the fighting in the airspace over the Eastern Front. Yakovlev fighters essentially formed the backbone of the Red Army's fighter air force, flying victoriously to Berlin in May 1945. And it`s just the livery of these war machines is worn by Yakovlev flying from Italy to the Aviation Fair. The legendary biplane Polikarpov Po-2 will appear in the skies above the eastern front as well. The machine with the characteristic marking of the Guards Regiment comes to us from Mladá Boleslav, where it is a part of the of the Air Museum of Metoděj Vlach collections. It is to be noted in connection with archaic-looking Polikarpov, that three aircraft of this type landed at Pardubice Airport on Wednesday, May 9, 1945. They became the first Red Army machines landing in the liberated city, "explains Jan Rudzinskyj from the organizing staff of Aviation Fair regarding the historical machines.
More information about the program and news from the preparations for the Aviation Fair taking place at Pardubice Airport on the weekend of 3rd and 4th June 2017, can be found at www.aviatickapout.cz

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