Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021

Bejbina and Beta to be seen in Pardubice

Every year, the Pardubice Aviation Fair presents an overview of different aspects of the aviation history. The same will be true of this year's Aviation Fair at the weekend of 28th–29th May.

"Among the aircraft to be seen, there will also be beautiful Czechoslovak sport aircraft made in mid-1930s. At that time, it was in the government's interest to properly train new pilots. To a significant extent, this was to be helped by aviation clubs and organizations of the Masaryk's Aviation League. What was supported was the manufacture of training sport aircraft, and there were several new aircraft manufacturers. These included the ČKD aircraft department, which produced a few types under the Praga brand. The most successful type was the Praga E 114 Air Baby, nicknamed "Bejbina". The reconstruction of this aircraft, very unique these days, was completed last year by Marcel Sezemský. The other aircraft mentioned above was originally created close to Pardubice. In Choceň, the Beneš-Mráz aircraft factory was opened in 1935, having managed to produce different types of aircraft before Czechoslovakia was occupied in 1939. One of them was the Be 50 Beta Minor. Since last May, an aircraft of this type is again in operation, built by the well-known renovator Jan Klaban and his friends. Deservedly, the aircraft has become the highlight of the collection owned by the Military History Institute Prague," said Jan Rudzinskyj, one of the Aviation Fair organizers.


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