Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021

Battle of Britain at the Aviation Fair

Large-scale scenes combining air and ground performances have traditionally been a part of the Aviation Fair program. Visitors have the opportunity to watch aircrafts as well as historical ground vehicles with enthusiasts in period uniforms in action at the same time. This year will be no exception. One of the scenes at the Aviation Fair, held on 6 and 7 June at the Pardubice Airport, will create the atmosphere of a British military airport during the Battle of Britain, which took place exactly 75 years ago.

“The Battle of Britain, which began on 10 July 1940, became the first battle fought entirely in the air. Establishing British superiority and thereby preventing the devastating raids by the Luftwaffe was crucial to avert possible German invasion of the British Isles. It is a well-known fact that Czechoslovak pilots from No.310 and 312 Fighter Squadrons in the ranks of the Royal Air Force played an important role in the battle. This year’s Aviation Fair would like to commemorate their heroism, ” says Zdeněk Hurt, aviation writer and member of the Aviation Fair organizing team.

The large-scale scene will feature the legendary Spitfire fighter aircrafts as well as the Tiger Moth trainer. Their flight operation will be disrupted by an enemy attack in the form of the dreaded Messerschmitt fighter.

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