Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021

The Great War as the theme of the first scene

Following the established tradition, this year’s Aviation Fair will provide visitors with a comprehensive programme featuring aerial demonstrations as well as a varied programme on the ground.

Preparations for the programme of such a major air show as the Aviation Fair in Pardubice traditionally begin with the arrival of autumn. Thus, the organizing team has already prepared the main outlines of the programme and can slowly uncover what awaits the visitors. The subtitle of this year’s edition is “The Knights of the Sky” and as you may guess, at least one scene will be set in World War I, which broke out one hundred years ago. The Great War also became the first conflict which involved aircraft to a greater extent. Unfortunately, the exact flying replicas from these times are scarce all over the world and due to the First World War centenary there is a great demand for them among the organizers of air shows in Europe. However, besides the Czech UL replicas from the “Nadační fond letadlo Metoděje Vlacha” (Metoděj Vlach’s Aircraft Endowment Fund) in Mladá Boleslav and from the Pterodactyl Flight team in Jihlava, the first scene will feature a full-size Fokker Dr. I Triplane from Germany. The Fokker D. VII of Mikael Carlsson from Sweden, who had presented his original Blériot and Fokker Dr. I at the Aviation Fair several times, is under negotiation. We are also negotiating with the Italian constructor of the replica of the three-engined biplane Caproni Ca.3 who would like to visit Pardubice and present this type, which infamously went down in history in relation to the creation of Czechoslovakia. 95 years ago, on 4 May 1919, General M. R. Štefánik crashed with Caproni Ca.33 when returning to his homeland. Nevertheless, the participation of this gem depends largely on whether it completes all the pre-flight checks in time and obtains the necessary licence. The programme on the ground will take us to the Western Front and include soldiers in period uniforms with full gear as well as replicas of military vehicles of this time. The programme will, of course, also commemorate the 100th anniversary of the formation of the Czechoslovak Legion.

As outlined in the introduction, the programme is already prepared, but as there are still four months left to the Aviation Fair, we do not want to play all our aces. Therefore, we will gradually publish parts of the programme on our website, including the themes of the scenes, confirmed aircrafts and other news.

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