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Aviatická pouť 2021
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Vyjádření a omluva posádky B-17

Dear Richard Santus


Saturday, June 2013

As the captain of the B-17 Sally B and on behalf of the Operator Elly Sallingboe I would like to offer our sincere apologies for not appearing at your airshow.

Last Thursday l was readyto flythe B-17 to Pardubice but bad weather prevented us from taking off. Since then we have been sitting at the aircraft base at the lmperial War Museum Duxford, waiting for the weather to improve, but it did not.

This was an unusual bad weather situation with low clouds and rain on the border between Germany and the Czech Republic. The B-17 is operated on a special permit to fly which allows it to fly in good weather only, so we could not take off from the UK till we knew we could get through this frontal system. After waiting at Duxford for three days regretfully we had to cancel the flight this afternoon as there was no longer any chance of the weather improving.

We are indeed very sorry that we could not make it to Pardubice. We had very much looked forward to this trip and it was a huge disappointment for us also.

Kind regardsr

Peter Kuypers

Sall B Captain and Liaison

Elly Sallinboe

B-17 Operator & Chairman of Trustees


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