Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021


       Despite the fact that the Avia B-534 fighter aircraft formed the basis of pre-war Czechoslovakia, not even a single original aircraft has survived to the present day anywhere in the world.  Even the one displayed in the aviation museum at Prague Kbely is only reconstructed according to the original drawings and formed using conserved parts including a substantial part of truss fuselage.
      Such a situation did not leave the pilot Stanislav Fiala in peace, so a few years ago he decided to revive this legend in a smaller scale, so that it can be operated as a replica in the ultralight category of aircraft. The Avia B-534 is 30% smaller and 1,710 kg lighter than the original. Instead of the original Hispano Suiza (Avia) engine with an output of over 800 hp, it uses a much smaller Walter Minor engine of around 80hp.  Obviously missing from its equipment are the four MK.30 caliber 7.92 mm machine guns!

     Photos from last year of ultralight B-534 reveal that the priority was to keep the original proportions and shapes of original B-534, which was designed in the thirties by designer Frantisek Novotny at the Avia Factory. Certification of the "small" Avia was completed only in November 2012, so her first season will start this year. One of the first public appearances will be made during the Pardubice Air Show 2013. Here, alongside other glorious machines, it will fit perfectly into one of the main topics, which is the Czechoslovakian aircraft industry between the two World Wars.


Brand new Avia B-534s of the fourth (last) series marshalled in 1937 on the Avia Factory courtyard in Prague-Letňany ready for delivery to the Czechoslovak Air Force units.

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