Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021

The Morane 406 of the Battle of France in 1940

In the scene named “Battle of France in 1940” the primary fighter of the French Air Force, Morane Saulnier MS.406, will be displayed too. The MS.406 that will appear in Pardubice is a Swiss licence built one marked as D-3801 and manufactured in 1942 by the Eidg. Flugzeugwerk (Focke+Wulf) at Emmen.

Moranes were operated by Swiss Airforce until 1959 in its aviation schools however this is only one airworthy Morane  now. It had been restored from parts of original Swiss D-3801s code J-84, J-276 and J-143 since 1994. In June 2000 it was completed and displayed for the public as Swiss Airforce J-143. Presently the aircraft is owned by the Association Morane Charlie Fox at Bex, Switzerland and painted as MS-406C-1 "Bretagne", black 7 / No138 from the Groupe de Chasse I/2 "Cicogne" (the original unit SPA 103 of the legendary WWI ace René Fonck). With the 2. Escadre, namely G/C II/2, nine Czechoslovak pilots have fought in the French campaign.


Above: A group of Czechoslovak pilots at Oran-La Senia airfield during their training on Moranes 406 in December 1939.

Below: A WWI veteran Cdt. Marcel Coadou (1897-1985) has achieved several victories directly on the „black seven“. A matter of interest is that this pilot has given flying lessons in Prague in early twenties. Note the cigarette- a necessary society’s accouterment required on almost all photographs.


Below: The Morane 406 black 7 / No138 from the Groupe de Chasse I/2 "Cicogne" will be displayed at Pardubice by pilot Daniel Koblet


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