Aviatická pouť 2021
Aviatická pouť 2021
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Remaining time to the Airshow 2021

About us

At the beginning of the last century Europe was keen on aviation. Flying, the big dream of humans, had come true when a man flew an airplane heavier than air.

There was a historical breakpoint of Czech aviation development in 1910 when Jan Kaspar first took-off. It happened at military training grounds on the outskirts of Pardubice town. One year later, on 13th May 1911, from the same spot he carried out his famous cross country flight that was to be engraved to the golden pages of Czech aviation. In those days it was the longest airplane flight in the Austro-Hungarian Monarchy.

The primary objective of the Aviation Fair was to repeat this historic flight after 80 years in the honor of Mr. Kaspar. Therefore the first Aviation Fair took place on 11th May 1991. No-one could ever foresee the future of the event turning to almost 20 successful years by now. At the beginning, there were just few enthusiasts wanting to express their respect to the pioneer flyer and to remind his famous cross-country flight from Pardubice to Prague. Today, born in Pardubice, the birthplace of Czech Flying, the Aviation Fair offers comparative programme to the greatest European airshows.

The Aviation Fair would gradually acquire its popularity for displays specially focused on the domestic aviation, scanning its one hundred years of existence. Visitors can always see a complete range of aeroplanes built in the Czech Republic or flown by Czech pilots worldwide, including types currently used by the Czech Air Force. Both static and air displays of sportive and military aeroplanes from other European countries are available to be admired by the crowds every year. The warbirds, the most attractive but the most demanding part at the same time, are regularly among the best that is presented by the Aviation Fair.

What makes the Aviation Fair so different?

It´s the composition and poly-functional direction of the programmes that make it special. The area of Pardubice airport, along with the rich flight displays, different accompanying programs is what our fair is famous for. Sightseeing flights, aero show rooms presenting home-made as well as professionaly  designed aircrafts and aviation services, and autosalon where most of up-to-date vehicles are displayed. On the other hand the existing Military Car Meet exposition presents IIWW combat vehicles and elements that create historical atmosphere with their uniforms and equipment. They take part in the spectacular concept of the flight programme, staging in an attack of striking fighters and bombers with simulated explosions and sound effects. There’s several cultural progs on offer for every visitor, they can enjoy the refreshment tents or aviators restaurant, explore fairgrounds or children fun-fair.

Pardubice airshow, the Aviation Fair, holds some aeronautical „number ones“ and records. Every year there is something new and unique in the programme. E.g. the Aero Fly-in, an official international gathering of Aero-made airplanes in the country of origin, is a new part of the event since 2007.

The Aviation Fair Association is the organiser of the event. The executive board consists of representatives of four corporations who work on the programme conception and activate the professional team to fullfill expectations of visitors.

In the framework of media publicity the Aviaiton Fair collaborates with newspapers, magazines, broadcast and TV stations. A prestigeous glossy paper coloured catalogue gets sold out completely every year, it provides overal layout of the event.

Aviation has never been a cheap branch. Warbirds, particularly, originate in foreign private collections and consume major part of our budget. Existing good reputation of the Aviation Fair in Europe brings more demands to economy considerations. In order to create good Aviation Fair it is important to collaborate continuously with our partners both existing and future, who are offered a number of business advantages.

Our websites  www.pardubiceairshow.cz and/or www.fly-in.aero provide detailed information about history and presence of Pardubice flying and bring news on current Aviation Fair and its flight and ground displays. They contain links to other aviation events and organisations worldwide. Articles, documentes and pictures can be found in appropriate sections.

The Aviation Fair associates the following organizations:

Czech Airmen Association Branch No.2 located at Pardubice

This is a creative organization with a broad membership base, which consists of former military pilots and other aviation personnel. It cooperates closely with the association of retired military veterans and other organizations that support Czech Aviation.
Východočeský aeroklub Pardubice (VAP)

The local Aero Club was founded in 1929 and was one of the instigators of airline competition in memory of Ing. John Kaspar.
The club educated many excellent pilots, some of whom gave their lives in WW2. It is based at the Podhořany airfield has more than 100 flying members.
Aviation Historical Society (LHS)

This company was founded in 1990; it is based on the old LHS society - founded in 1960 - which was abruptly stopped by Government at that time.
LHS is dedicated to assisting aviation historians and those interested in aviation history.
The society also issues it's own bulletin.
Many of the members are active publishers and organizers of aviation archeology investigations and researches.
Pardubice International Airport

Since 1995 it has provided business and private transportation of passengers, cargo, mail, aircraft maintenance service and many other services.
Statute: Public International
Air traffic: Civil and Military
Airport owner: The Ministry of Defense of the Czech Republic


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