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Aviatická pouť 2015
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24TH Aviation Fair, MAY 31st and JUNE 1ST 2014,  Pardubice Airport (LKPD),  Czech Republic

The Aviation Fair has evolved significantly into the European calendar of popular airshows. Our objective is to evoke the success of Czech and Czechoslovak aviation by means of typically original performances of a theatrical nature that combine general history with the aviation course of events on a large 3D stage. Indeed, the aviation branch has been winning us a good reputation. Therefore the Aviation Fair and its Airshow parades are intended to support the heritage of those who have taken part in its history.

The 2014 „Knight of the Sky“ Aviation Fair will take visitors large-scale into Aviation and War history.

Principal Themes

  • First World War - The Great War
  • other scenes will be presented in next weeks...

The organizing team works intensively to ensure the crucial aircraft for each theme, i.e. the original machines related directly to our aviation history. The Aviation Fair would like to take this opportunity to express its appreciation to all partners who have contributed to reach the required level of dignity of the forthcoming scenes. 

Visitors may also look forward to the well-established enhancements from the last year:

  • A part of the airport will be open to the public during arrivals of participating aircraft- already on Friday May 30st 2014 from 15:00 to 19:00. For a reasonable entry fee the visitors shall be present at the final preparations of the Aviation Fair and witness the pilots and their machines landing after the long and often demanding trips from their home bases.
  • There will be a "Golden Ticket" zone in front of the visitor corridor at the main stage where challenging guests may watch the program seated and refreshed by the organizer. The GOLDEN TICKETS are available from a pre-sale only.

Dear visitors, we look forward to seeing you on the first weekend in June at Pardubice Airport, where the Aviation Fair takes place. Not the biggest but the nicest airshow in the land.  

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